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The Relationship Between Screen Time and Sleep in Children

In recent years, as children’s screen time increases, a decrease in their sleep quality has been observed. Spending time in front of the screen for a long time, especially in the evening, can negatively affect children’s sleep patterns. Blue light emitted from screens can delay the process of falling asleep and reduce sleep quality by […]

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Regular Sleep Can Increase Metabolism Speed!

Sleep plays an important role in restoring your body and regulating your metabolism. Insufficient sleep can slow down your metabolic rate and cause weight gain. Research shows that regular and adequate sleep can increase metabolic rate and support weight control. Additionally, a good sleep pattern balances hunger hormones, keeps appetite under control and helps maintain

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Slow Eating Habit Plays an Important Role in Weight Control!

The habit of eating slowly is an important factor in weight control and digestive health. Eating quickly can shorten the time it takes for a fullness signal to be transmitted to the brain, which can increase the tendency to overeat. On the other hand, eating slowly supports the digestive process, ensures optimal functioning of digestive

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Cinnamon Consumed in Winter Strengthens the Immune System!

The use of cinnamon can be very effective to strengthen the immune system during the cold winter months. Cinnamon can protect the body against diseases thanks to the antioxidants it contains. Additionally, the natural ingredients contained in cinnamon have been observed to help relieve symptoms of common winter illnesses, especially colds and flu. Cinnamon can

Processed Foods
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Stay Away from Processed Foods!

For a healthy life, it is important to avoid consuming processed foods as much as possible. Processed foods often contain additives, sugar and unhealthy fats that are harmful to our health. Additionally, these foods are low in fiber and nutritional value, which can reduce feelings of fullness and increase the tendency to overeat. Instead, choose

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